Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative


In rural communities across Africa, young people particularly from low income backgrounds, face exclusions in all its form and constructs. In particular, lack of or poor access to Quality Education, especially among the poorest and among girls, is preventing millions of people from escaping the cycle of extreme poverty and living to their fullest potential.
How do we innovatively address this social construct with sustainable approaches that takes into account local realities,drives personal growth and community development?
AREAi exists to provide opportunities for such transformational shift.
Founded in 2014, Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi) is a non-governmental organization that improves access and quality of education for poor and vulnerable children across rural communities of Africa through resource mobilization, policy advocacy, economic empowerment and infrastructural support.


This organization is a great example of balance between great grassroots projects and international representation. It is indeed a solution to several issues as it is through education that lives, communities and nations are transformed. Looking forward to partner in the Caribbean region.

Jerome Cowans

YOUTH Advisor and Development Specialist to the Jamaican Government

AREAi is an exemplary model of a grassroots organisation that is changing lives of youth and communities through education. AREAi’s approach and great work demonstrates that the youth have the capacity to drive positive transformational change.

Zipporah Musyoki

Regional Coordinator, Education for Sustainable Development Programme, WWF Regional Office for Africa

When young people are denied access to knowledge, we deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better. AREAi has proven to be passionate and active in ensuring the positive cycle of education to help improve health, business, peacekeeping and even recovery from natural disasters for its beneficiaries. So applaudable!

Neeshad Shafi

One Young World Ambassador and Global Shaper


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